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 Hippo de Mayo Taco Challenge

When: Thursday, May 5, from 4 to 9 p.m.
Where: Participating restaurants in Manchester’s downtown and millyard
Cost: $2 per taco

Try a taco or 12
1 Oak on Elm (1087 Elm St.) Duck confit
900 Degrees (50 Dow St.) Italian roast beef taco
A&E Coffee and Tea (1000 Elm St.) Coffee chipotle mole chicken taco
B&B Cafe and Grill (25 Stark St.) Fish/chip chicken BBQ gyro
Bada Bing Pizzeria (946 Elm St.) Mexican steak and cheese/ buffalo chicken feta taco
Baked (1015 Elm St.) Choco taco
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (940 Elm St.) Mexicone Dream
Cafe la Reine (915 Elm St.) Freddie 
Mercury taco
Campo Enoteca (969 Elm St.) Eggplant polpetti taco (vegetarian)
Club Manch-Vegas (50 Old Granite St.) Chinese chicken taco
Consuelo’s Taqueria (36 Amherst St.) 
Texcoco taco
Currier Museum (150 Ash St.) Killer taco
Doogies Bar & Grille (37 Manchester St.)Three-cheese taco
The Dugout (1087 Elm St.) Mojo pork
El Rincon (10 Lake Ave.) Taco barbacoa
The Farm Bar and Grill (1181 Elm St.) Pulled pork taco
Finesse Pastries (968 Elm St.) Salted 
caramel dessert taco
Firefly Bistro & Bar (22 Concord St.) 
Voodoo chicken taco
The Foundry (50 Commercial St.) Smoked brisket taco
Fratello’s (155 Dow St.) Chorizo and duck taco
Funktion Spirits and Spoonfuls (931 Elm St.) The butcher, the garden
Gale Motor Co. Eatery (36 Lowell St.) Spicy pulled pork taco
Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse (62 Lowell St.) Traditional chicken taco
Granite State Candy Shoppe (832 Elm St.) Unfried ice cream bowl
The Gyro Spot (1073 Elm St.) OPA taco
Hanover Street Chophouse (149 Hanover St.) Fire grilled steak taco, fish taco, chicken tikka taco
Hilton Garden Inn (101 S. Commercial St.) Smoked brisket taco
Hooked/Ignite (110/100 Hanover St.) Fish taco
JD’s Tavern (700 Elm St.) Maple smoked pork taco
Lala’s Hungarian Restaurant (836 Elm St.) Transylvanian taco
Loafin’ Life Bakery (79 Manchester St.) Applerito/jalapeno quesito
Manchester Fire Department (100 Merrimack St.) Firehouse taco
Margarita’s (1037 Elm St.) Pollo fresca taco
Midtown Cafe (814 Elm St.) Pulled pork taco
Milly’s Tavern/ Stark Brewing Co. (500 N. Commercial St.) Stark pig/porter beer taco
Mint Bistro (1105 Elm St.) Beef brisket barbacoa
N’awlins (860 Elm St.) Cajun chicken salad taco
The Pink Publik House (1111 Elm St.) Jamaican pork taco
Queen’s Pub & Grille (641 Elm St.) QPG Reuben taco
Red Arrow Diner (61 Lowell St.) Red Arrow dessert taco
Republic (1069 Elm St.) Curry potato & cauliflower taco
Strange Brew Tavern (88 Market St.) Beer can beef brisket
Suddenly Susan’s Gourmet Deli (87 Hanover St.) The Amoskeag
Taj India (967 Elm St.) Chtikka taco
Thirsty Moose Taphouse (795 Elm St.) Alcitas carnitas
USA Chicken & Biscuits (990 Elm St.) Sambosa taco
Veranda Bar & Grille (201 Hanover St.) Ocean taco/chicken tikka taco

A taste for tacos
Hippo de Mayo returns to downtown Manchester

By Allie Ginwala

 Get your fill of all sorts of tacos — from classic fish tacos to salted caramel tacos — during the sixth annual Hippo de Mayo Taco Challenge, when more than 45 eateries in downtown Manchester welcome thousands of guests to enjoy specially created tacos for $2 each. 

Along with favorite restaurants that return for the taco tour each year, this year’s Hippo de Mayo welcomes a host of new eateries that recently joined the downtown food scene and are eager to be part of one of Manchester’s foodie traditions.
Loafin’ Life Bakery owner Emma Patterson said she attended the taco tour as “one of the masses” last year before opening the bakery in July.
“We thought it was fun, and we decided we [wanted] to be one of the restaurants participating,” Patterson said. 
Having experienced Hippo de Mayo as a taco eater before becoming a taco maker, Patterson is making use of what she saw and heard last year. 
“We are doing two tacos, a savory and a sweet taco,” she said. “We were walking around last year [and] I heard a lot of people talking about [how] there weren’t very many sweet tacos and there weren’t very many meatless tacos, so both of mine are meatless.”
The “applerito” is an apple-pie-inspired taco and the “jalapeno quesito” will have jalapenos, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs. 
While she doesn’t have a taco on the regular menu, Loafin’ Life serves apple turnovers and Danish and jalapeno bread, so she’s using menu flavors, but in a new format. 
Highlighting what’s on the menu was also important for Gale Motor Co. Eatery chef and owner David Spagnuolo, who is joining Hippo de Mayo for the first time this year. He’ll be making a spicy pulled pork taco with a superfood slaw made with broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, topped with cilantro sour cream and sriracha. 
“I was definitely set on doing something off the menu just because I like to make sure that what someone is eating, they can always get inside the restaurant,” he said. “Especially if somebody likes what they get, which they’re going to love.”
Only open for a few weeks before Hippo de Mayo, Spagnuolo was excited to jump right into the event.
“I want to get everyone that comes downtown, which is a ton of people, to know that I’m open and know what we do and just to get the word out there,” he said. 
The executive chef for taco tour newcomers 1Oak on Elm and The Dugout, Joe Grella, also wants to showcase the skills and flavors of each restaurant and will present two very different tacos for tour-goers.
For the refined, higher-end-style upstairs they’ll make a duck confit taco with beet and carrot slaw. The “home cooked, rib sticking” style sports bar will offer a pulled rib taco made with 12-hour smoked and braised ribs with “something like an apple and cabbage slaw … [and we’re] bouncing ideas for maybe adding some cheddar crisps, some crisp element to that to help round it out,” Grella added.
He noted that tacos are a big hit with consumers right now, which is great for chefs who can essentially take any dish and reconstruct it into a taco to make something new.
Vote for your favorite taco creation by visiting (accessible on most smartphones) and selecting your favorite from a drop-down menu. The judges’ choice winner (chosen by a panel of Hippo staff foodies) will be awarded $2,000 for their charity of choice. 

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