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Ginnie Lupi, center, with Dept. of Cultural Resources Commissioner Van McLeod and Gov. Maggie Hassan

Five favorites

Favorite book: There are too many to answer. I’ve always been a voracious reader. My favorite books are probably everything from Dr. Seuss to Dostoevsky. 
Favorite movie: Again, there are lots and lots of films, but one that  always sticks with me and I come back to when I’m feeling down is Mary Poppins.
Type of music: I like just about everything. My iPod is eclectic. 
Favorite food: Brown rice and vegetables. 
Favorite thing about NH: I can get to mountains, lakes or the ocean in less than an hour.

Art all around
For Ginnie Lupi, art completes life


Why do the arts matter to you, and why do they matter to New Hampshire?

For me personally, the arts complete my life. I believe that art is everywhere and all around me. I look at everything as art … I’m a creative person and a working visual artist, and I think for the same reasons that’s why the arts matter to the state. [They have] significant economic impact in New Hampshire and how they contribute to the economic life and health of our community. They also help people grow and experience other cultures and help connect us to each other. 
How have the arts positively affected you?
As a small child the arts helped me express myself, and I  don’t think the ability to express thoughts feelings, challenges and desires would be complete if I didn’t have the arts. … They’ve got me through some incredibly difficult periods of my life and helped me connect to a very diverse group of people. 
What most excites you about your new position? 
I was ready to take the next step in my career, and when I applied for this position I was very, very interested in what was happening here. The amount of impact this small arts council has in New Hampshire made me ... eager to work with these incredible professionals. I knew within 10 minutes into my first talk with the search committee that I wanted to come to New Hampshire. 
What have your first few weeks been like?
It has been amazing. ... I love the challenge of the learning curve. I’ve been traveling around the state quite a bit and meeting with individuals and organizations of artists in all stages of their careers, and I’m caught up on the artistic life blood of the state. It’s really been exciting, and I imagine 10 years from now I’ll say the same thing. 
What does the State Council on the Arts do that we may not know about?
I think that there may be people who really don’t realize the State Council on the Arts is a state agency and our job, charge, and mission is to support organizations and artists, and organizations aren’t arts-based but are incorporating  the arts into their activities. It is our goal to support all of that activity to help build and sustain communities. 
What is new for the Division of the Arts?
I think everything is always new here because even though there may be fixed grant categories, every year there are different applicants and different needs in the  community. 
What can people in New Hampshire do to be more supportive of the arts?
I think very often we don’t realize arts are around us every day and we are engaging with and consuming  them every day. I often talk with people who might  not understand that and say, ‘Look at the chair you’re sitting on. An artist made that. The car you drive was designed by an artist. The newspaper you read is written by artists and visually composed by artists.’ When we start shifting how we think about the arts, we realize everything is engaged with the arts. Then from there it becomes even easier to attend community-based arts events or to throw a couple dollars at the guitar case of a street musician.  
In what ways does NH do a good job of supporting the arts? In what ways could we do it better?
There is so much going on here, and it’s very well integrated. … [For example] there’s always music at the Concord Farmers Market.  … You always want more, and that’s my role, to say more, more, more arts in the community. — Rebecca Fishow 
As seen in the September 25, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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