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Sowa Entertainment DJ’s. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Copp.

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Band vs. DJ
Which is better for a wedding?


 So your boyfriend of eight years finally proposes and you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. Do you pick a cake or cupcakes? Real or fake flowers? A DJ or a band? 

Picking entertainment for your wedding can be a tough decision, but having a wedding planner by your side could make all the difference. Laurie Mantegari, owner of Everyday Details, said choosing a band or a DJ is simple: It’s all about your personality and the atmosphere you want to create. 
“Bands are wonderful. They’re lively and you get that interaction with them. You get that intimate feeling with them,” Mantegari said. “[But] a DJ can play any genre of music you want.” 
Mantegari said to consider your budget too. In general, a band will be more expensive than a DJ. 
She also noted that it’s important to go see the musician or DJ in action and to get to know whomever you choose. 
“It’s really important to develop a relationship with them. You’re going to be communicating with them for 6 months to a year. Ask them questions, see how they are in front of a crowd,” Mantegari said. 
In the past year, Mantegari said that she’s noticed bands are on the rise and are very popular right now.
“I was very surprised at the number of people that hired bands,” she said. “But bands really get the crowd moving all night long, whereas a DJ just pushes play.” 
But a decision to choose a band or a DJ remains entirely up to the couple.
“It depends on the couple’s vision and dreams,” Mantegari said.
Sometimes that just takes a little rearranging of your budget. One of the ways Mantegari will help a couple plan is to sit down with them and make a pie chart to divvy up their budget. 
“You’re creating memories that are close to your heart that you can relive with each other,” Mantegari said. 
At Affordable Occasions, Leslye Amico is also adamant that the decision between a band and a DJ is entirely up to the couples and their personalities. 
“Deciding on a band versus a DJ is a personal decision,” Amico said. “Each can give your reception a different feeling. However, I don’t think one is better than the other. I think it is important to stay within your budget and understand the importance that the band or DJ has in the day.” 
Sometimes, a couple’s decision may solely rest on its budget. 
“I do think that the decision of a band versus DJ often comes down to money. In the past year, we planned weddings with budgets under $10,000 and over $40,000,” Amico said.  “I think each wedding day is unique. Some couples want a fun party, others a sophisticated affair and some a casual gathering. They want to have an occasion that both they and their guests will remember and enjoy.” 
Amico noted that some locals are even making the decision to forgo wedding entertainment all together due to budget restraints. Some couples are opting to play music from an iPod. Amico recommends against this, as bands and DJs also double as emcees. 
“My feeling is, you only get to be the bride and groom once. Be sure it is the day you envision,” Amico said. “Enjoy your day and let the professionals give you your dream day.” 
Shannon Spiliotis of Spiliotis Events said the decision is sometimes based upon your venue as well.
“Take into consideration the size of the space, as bands tend to take up more space than a DJ,” Spiliotis said. “A DJ typically needs a table and a few speakers.” 
Even though money is a key factor, Spiliotis wants couples to remember that the entertainment is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. 
“If having a great band or DJ is really important to you, don’t solely base your decision on who offers the lowest price,” Spiliotis said. “Spend the most on things that really matter to you and scale back in other places.”   
As seen in the January 23, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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