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Brad Myrick. Courtesy photo.

Brad Myrick

Where: The Jazz Bar, Weir’s Beach, Laconia
When: Sunday, July 6
Also see him Wednesdays at Alan’s in Boscawen. 
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Box set
Guitarist Myrick releases three albums

By Michael Witthaus

 For over a decade, Brad Myrick lived as a guitar globetrotter, dividing his time between West Coast session work, summers teaching and recording in Italy, and performing in his home state of New Hampshire. As an arranger, composer and performer, he’s played with a myriad of other performers. One thing Myrick hasn’t done, however, is make a record of his own.

The musical omnivore emphatically addressed that situation recently. Most performers simply release a debut album; Myrick’s putting out a box set. The jazzy Halogen came out in the spring. Two more will arrive soon — an acoustic disc showcasing his songwriting skills, followed by a more pop-oriented effort. 
“I’ve been working for everybody else for so long, it’s nice to finally focus on myself,” Myrick said in a recent phone interview. “People keep asking me … where can I hear your stuff?” Interest proved high in May. Tickets sold out for a Halogen release party at Manchester’s Amoskeag Mill Studio to hear Myrick and his band — Richard Gardzina, Alan Rowe, John Faggiano and Joey Pierog — perform the record from start to finish.
Myrick said an instrumental idiom like jazz is “actually more appealing than writing lyrics, and I can say that because I do both,” adding that he’s intrigued by the many mental pictures one of his pieces can create in a listener’s mind. “It gives me a new way to look at it next time I go and perform.  It’s a great lift for a composer.”
However, he is excited by his two lyrically centered projects, which he called “the culmination of a decade of songwriting and performing. The tentatively titled Where the New World Begins “represents a period in my life where I was searching, lost at times, but excited and pensive.  It speaks of exploring, lost love, hope, found love, and coping with the big city. Some tunes are melancholy, while others rock pretty hard for an unplugged style album.” 
The final (still untitled) record is shaping up as his most ambitious. “It will be the closest thing to what I’ve always envisioned as a complete ‘Brad Myrick’ sound,” he said. “There are epic rockers with long guitar solos and short pop tunes that might even be radio-worthy. The album represents where I’m at, and hopefully hints at where I’m going both in life and musically.”
He’s using the new output to help move his career forward. “I’d like to remain in New Hampshire because I love it here, grew up here, call it home,” he said, adding, “I want to continue to tie in all of the great people and experiences that I have in my life from my time in Los Angeles and Italy.  It’s beautiful when I can incorporate what I’ve learned in other music scenes into the great scene we have here.”
Studio work continues, including producing Maine rocker Heath Bartley, and two upcoming fall projects. Behind the console, Myrick is adept at getting a little from a lot. “I do almost everything from my home studio,” he  said. “Arranging is one of my favorite things, and I’ve been getting great feedback.”
An expanding performance calendar includes Myrick’s second year as music coordinator for the weekly Jazz at Sunset series at Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough and hosting Wednesday open mike nights at Alan’s in Boscawen. He performs with a trio on July 6 at The Jazz Bar in Weir’s Beach.
“I’m nothing but excited to see where this all goes over the rest of 2014,” said Myrick. “My fellow musicians continue to inspire me, and the reciprocity that I experience in sharing music, both with other musicians and listeners, is one of the greatest gifts I have in my life.” 
As seen in the July 3, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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