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Slingshot Cop 

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Cop out
Indie film shot in Manchester featured on Amazon Prime

By Angie Sykeny

 Slingshot-wielding cops and a villain with supernatural foot powers take over the streets of Manchester and other New Hampshire locations in a new indie film that was approved earlier this month for availability on Amazon Prime.

Produced by filmmaker Matt Farley of Motern Media, based in Danvers, Mass., Slingshot Cops is Farley’s first film on Amazon Prime, where Prime members can stream it for free and non-members can pay to rent or buy it. 
“Usually we don’t even break even on the movies we do,” said Farley, who’s produced five feature films. “I think of it as a labor of love, a very elaborate hobby. So it’s really cool that we have a film on Amazon Prime now. Most people will watch a movie if it’s free versus if they have to pay five bucks or whatever, so it’s a great way for new people to discover the film.” 
The buddy cop comedy centers on brash young cop Officer Rusty, played by Farley, and his seasoned partner Wolf, played by Farley’s uncle Jim McHugh, as they try to take down a supernatural villain who can steal people’s senses using his foot. In lieu of guns, the cops use slingshots to apprehend criminals. 
Farley calls the film a “straight-faced comedy.” 
“It’s really silly, but we don’t go over the top to get laughs. We play it really flat and straight, and the comedy comes out of how seriously the actors deliver these ridiculous lines,” he said. “Most people don’t know what to make of it, but the people who do understand it think it’s hilarious.” 
About 30 percent of Slingshot Cops is shot in New Hampshire, including scenes shot in Manchester on Elm Street, in Cat Alley and at Queen City Cupcakes. Farley, who previously lived in Manchester for 10 years, said it’s one of his favorite places to film. 
“Manchester has its own personality,” he said. “It has a big-city feel to it but isn’t super crowded, and the locals don’t seem to mind that we’re running around with a camera man playing cops and robbers.” 
Other scenes for the film were shot in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. For the police station scenes, Farley transformed his own two-car garage into the set. 
“We put up walls and decorated it to look like a police station,” he said. “If you look closely, you can actually see some of the garage door, but for the most part, we pulled it off.” 
The cast consists largely of Farley’s friends and family members from the Manchester area, but Farley also managed to recruit Comedy Central comedians Brendon Walsh and Randy Liedtke to be part of the film. 
“I told them, ‘Hey, I’m doing my movie, you should come be in it,’ mostly as a joke, but when the date [for shooting] came, they actually flew into Boston and filmed with us for the day.” 
Farley said he hopes Slingshot Cops and its status on Amazon Prime is a testament to the idea that anyone can make a successful movie if they put in the work, and they don’t need Hollywood, costly sets or professional actors to do it. 
“As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather work with amateurs in New England than professionals in Hollywood,” he said. “In Hollywood, there are certain expectations for the plot and the dialogue and the acting. … But we don’t have to play by the rules or follow a template. We can just have fun with it.” 

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