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Amber Nicole Cannan

Five favorites

Favorite movie: Right now, Memoirs of a Geisha. It’s very phantasmagoric. As an artist I gravitate toward that.
Favorite music: Swing
Favorite book:  Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite thing about NH: I love that I can jump in a kayak and go down river, jump on my bike and end up at a bar listening to live music, all in the same afternoon. 

Creative minds
Amber Nicole Cannan chairs NH Creative Club show


So what is the New Hampshire Creative Club?

It’s been around for more than 25 years. ... We do a creative event geared toward creative professional development every month except for two months in the summer.  We did a night photo event and then there was 3-D printing.  That was huge. We had more than 100 people. We’ve done imbedding, marketing and copyright laws. 
Has the Creative Club changed much in the past 25 years?
We’ve maintained a status quo over last couple years. There have been changes in leadership and membership, but one goal was to grow membership with younger people. We haven’t had a lot of younger, newer people enter the club, so we’re trying to reach out with the types of events we do. 
Tell me about this year’s juried show.
This year we had over 90 entries, and just over 40 have been selected for the show. We have esteemed judges who debated for hours over what should be included, and what should be best of show. … There was a lot of photography, graphic design, entries. Also, quite a few videos. 
What were the judges looking for?
Creative excellence and excellence of construction. We try to not put really specific criteria on the judges. ... We focus on including a lot of higher levels, like marketing directors, creative directors.
When you put so many mediums right next to each other, do you notice any larger trends in commercial art?
Yes, that’s a really great question. Just in general, there’s been a lot of blurring. When you are getting on the commercial end, so many artists wear so many more hats. There’s a much wider blend. I think that’s where a lot of the young guys are coming from. So many have traditional backgrounds in painting or sculpture, but  they are picking up new mediums like Web design or animation and those mediums just blend. It just all flows together. 
Is that what clients are looking for?
From my personal perspective, absolutely. I work full time for a pharmaceutical  manufacturer, so I’m doing it all: writing, copywriting, graphic design, photography, illustration. … Individual clients, from my understanding want more than one area of expertise. 
Are there trends in aesthetics as well?
There are always trends that are changing. Apple, Mac brought on a heavy, texture-based feel to digital media … and as things evolve, Windows, with its new operating system, has brought in more flat graphics and color, embracing the fact that this is a flat medium. … Design and art is always changing. 
Is there more math involved with art now than there used to be?
There is, yes, when you start having to deal with the digital side. It’s maybe not math in the traditional sense, but a lot more artists can program nowadays. 
Any advice for people who want to start using their artistic talents as a career path?
Everyone thinks of the poor, starving artist image, and that’s why people don’t pursue it. …  But look into it. There’s so many kinds of artists, especially nowadays. There are people that specialize in hair textures, lighting, skin, scientific or medical illustrators. There are so many different avenues to art. … Just jump in. Take a class. I always recommend that. 
— Rebecca Fishow 
As seen in the June 19, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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