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Oct 22, 2018








Deflate-gate takes a turn
Dave Long's Longshots

By Dave Long

  The behavior of many involved in Deflate-gate is amazing. That includes the Muammar Gaddafi of the NFL where Roger Goodell has acted as Tom Brady’s judge, jury and executioner. 

I’m on record saying I want Brady to admit it and take his punishment if guilty. I’ll also say: After denials by OJ, Pete Rose, Sammy Sosa on the corked bat, Marion Jones on PEDs, Eliot Spitzer on the hooker, Rafael Palmeiro to Congress, Barry Bonds, pathetic Anthony Weiner on the first, second and probably next time, Jerry Sandusky, A-Rod to the world, Michael Vick, Mark McGwire on PEDs, Ryan Braun about tainted testing, Goodell to everyone on the Ray Rice case and Aaron Hernandez to Bob Kraft, when I hear someone forcefully say they didn’t do it, I’m pretty convinced they did. 
But with what looks like an aggressive PR campaign by the league to win this one underway, which includes ex-Jets employee during the border war Mike Kensil fingered by WEEI and CSNNE for telling ESPN’s Chris Mortensen the “11 of the 12 balls were over 2 pounds below the legal limit” flat-out lie to whip up public outrage at the start and distortions like Tom Brady “destroyed” his cellphone to pave the way for his verdict, I don’t believe anything Goodell has to say as he’s out to win and taking no prisoners. That has me leaning toward Brady being innocent.  
The only thing more amazing is the utter hypocrisy around the country, like my San Francisco Giants-loving friend who keeps sending me “Yeah, sure, Tom Terrific didn’t do it” e-mails like nothing happens on or off the field in other cities that far outweigh this affair even if it’s 100 percent true, like these:
San Francisco: Bay area fans were ga-ga for Bonds as he was hijacking Hank Aaron’s home run record - under false pretenses. Which provides a bigger competitive edge, PEDs or under-inflated balls? After the balls were re-inflated the Pats crushed the Colts again in a big game with 28 unanswered points. Bonds never hit more than 45 homers before hitting 73 in PED’d 2001. Funny how my friend mocking “Tom Terrific” has never once mentioned how much his beloved Giants were helped by the biggest cheat in sports history other than maybe Gaylord Perry, who, oh by the way, got his start throwing spitballs in Frisco.
Dallas: We don’t have enough room to write down the sordid transgressions obsessed fans in Big D ignored during the Jimmy Johnson-Jerry Jones era that spawned the infamous White House. And guess who just signed Greg Hardy
Miami: Mouthy Mercury Morris got 20 years in the slammer for trafficking cocaine, though he served just three. Now he speaks for the 1972 Dolphins when the last undefeated team goes down. 
New York: In New York they don’t mind cheating as long as you produce while doing it. That’s why the fans and media only became vocal when PED-tainted Jason Giambi didn’t live up to the ginormous contract the Yanks gave him. Then there’s A-Rod, who’s no longer a pariah. Why? Because he’s producing better than anyone expected. Now it’s never mind on that steroid/lying thing. And don’t get me started on The Boss. 
Pittsburgh: They loved Big Ben even after his smarmy behavior with that woman in the Georgia bar. And you don’t hear much in Steel City about user/alum Steve Courson allegations the four SBs won in the ’70s were helped by rampant illegal steroid use. And if Coach B did what Mike Tomlin once did to interfere with a play he’d be barbecued in the court of public opinion.  
Baltimore: They built a statue for a guy who obstructed justice in a still unsolved double murder whose attire from that night mysteriously disappeared. He was welcomed back with open arms and given a year-long fan bath after announcing he was retiring. 
Indianapolis: Just Google Kimberly Wundrum and Colts owner Jim Irsay. The ESPN the Magazine piece starts with the Shadowy World of Jim Irsay and is eye-opening. Oh, and guess who demanded Brady’s suspension stays at four games? 
Los Angeles: I’m not sure if it was a sexual assault they couldn’t prove or a consensual romp turned into extortion by an opportunistic woman. All I know is after Kobe Bryant’s charges were dropped L.A. didn’t seem to care which it was. 
New Orleans: Their response to Bounty-Gate is not shame on Sean Payton for a systematic program to hurt other players on his watch. It’s how come Belichick didn’t get suspended too? 
College Football and Basketball: Auburn, SMU, Syracuse, Miami, USC, Florida, NC State, Kentucky, UNLV, Clemson, LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Illinois and many others have been convicted of major cheating issues, like Kentucky getting caught overnighting $15k to the father of Chris Mills in the ’80s. The response: Over 15,000 people cancelled their subscriptions to the paper that broke the true story of Kentucky’s cheating. 
Jetland: Here’s a quiz: Which team’s assistant coach Sal Alosi intentionally tripped Miami’s Nolan Carroll as he ran by the bench on a punt return? That would be the Jets — and it’s cheating if the Pats do it, but apparently not if it happens down South.  

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