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Rick Perrine

Five favorites

Favorite book: The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry
Favorite movie: Avatar
Favorite type of music: Alternative rock
Favorite food: BBQ ribs
Favorite thing about NH: It’s the proximity of city and mountains. We have easy access to everything. 

Director of facilities management at Rivier University
On the Job- Rick Perrine

By Allie Ginwala

Rick Perrine has always had an interest in buildings, construction and engineering. He began his career at Rivier University as a carpenter for the maintenance department and now oversees a number of departments as director of facilities management. Perrine spoke to the Hippo recently about the importance of  sharing responsibility, working together as a team and doing a job well, no matter how small it may seem.
Explain in one sentence what your current job is.
I’m responsible for maintenance, housekeeping, the mailroom and copy center, [where all employees] report to me, and I’m the primary front person for construction, design and management. 
How long have you worked there?
I’ve been here 26 years. 
How did you get interested in this field?
Well in my earlier days I had done a lot of work in the painting and carpentry fields, and I got involved with Rivier through the maintenance department. I’ve always had an interest in buildings, construction, engineering. … Through some promotions and furthering my education, that got me into this position.
What kind of education or training did you need for this job?
Well I had probably 15 years of construction experience and renovation to commercial construction out in the field, and I completed my business degree here at Rivier, which I needed to step into my current position. It’s a bachelor’s in business management.
How did you find your current job?
Rivier was looking for a carpenter for the maintenance department. ... From time spent there and finishing my degree I was able to be there and get promoted to assistant facilities director and I moved into my current position. 
What’s the best piece of work-related advice anyone’s ever given you?
It’s funny, but somewhere along the line in my construction days someone told me, ‘You can’t build a cabin if you don’t know how to sweep the floor.’ It seems like an odd commentary, but it speaks to two things. Whatever profession you’re in, you need to have a good understanding of the basic and primary details that are involved in that job from the ground up, and I also think it lends toward the idea that whatever you do even when it’s sweeping the floor you should try to do everything well, because when you do your job well and with integrity … everyone benefits from a job well done regardless of what the job is. 
What do you wish you’d known at the beginning of your career?
Well right now something I was reflecting on is it’s very easy to get too spread out in your breadth of responsibility. I think you should grow in your job. You want to take things on and feel like you can do things better than everyone else … and I think I’ve come to realize that you cannot take everything on and do everything. You need to find people you can trust close to you to share your breadth of responsibility if you really want to be effective. … You kind of have to let go personally, because you can accomplish so much more. 
What is your typical at-work uniform?
For me it’s kind of a business casual attire — occasionally stuck with work boots and occasionally with a suit. 
What was the first job you ever had?
Washing dishes at a Howard Johnson for $1.60 an hour.

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