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Flapper costumes are always popular adult options. Courtesy photos.

Popular adult Halloween costumes

Roaring ‘20s flapper and gangster
Medieval and Renaissance themed
Cops and robbers
Elsa and Anna from Frozen
Ninja Turtles

Dress-up for grown-ups
Costumes for every occasion


Fred & Wilma, Bonnie & Clyde, Frankenstein and his bride — the best adult Halloween costumes often come in pairs.

“I would say the majority of our customers are couples, and they generally want to do a theme,” said Claire Renaud, owner of The Costume Gallery in Derry.
There are the classics (vampire and vampiress) and a little more obscure (Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam), and while Renaud said that each year there’s typically one theme that’s trendier than others, there are always popular standbys. 
“Probably our most popular genre is the roaring ‘20s. Medieval would probably be the second,” she said. 
Here are a few situations that might have you dressing up — with or without a partner — this Halloween.
Party time
Halloween parties can be anywhere from low-key costumes to competitive. If you’re hosting a party, consider setting a theme or handing out a prize for best costume. It will up the ante of your guests’ creativity and make it more fun for everyone.
“Some of my favorite costumes are always the dumbest, simplest things that are always so funny,” Renaud said. “I remember going to a Halloween party and a husband and wife went as dirty and clean laundry and they just had things like socks pinned to them.”
Take a headband and add cat ears, devil horns or other accessories for a quick, easy costume. Taking a look at your closet can help. Own a red-striped shirt? Go out and buy a beanie and some glasses and you’re Waldo. How about red shorts and a black shirt? Buy some gloves, make some mouse ears and you’re Mickey.
If you want something less DIY, there are plenty of options at the store.
Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes seem to be the most popular for kids and adults this year, which proves that you really don’t have to outgrow Halloween. 
“This year we’re kind of all over the place. We’re seeing a lot of the Batman and superheroes for adults. We also have Game of Thrones costumes that have been doing really well,” said Carl Roberts, manager at Spirit Halloween in Nashua. “The girls have been looking at the flapper outfits and the witches.”
Spooky office
Like parties, it’s all about whatever everyone else is doing at the workplace. Do your coworkers dress up every year? And how decked out do the costumes get?
“If they want to go something simple, [we will] show almost like the ninja costume, some of the police officers … if they didn’t want to go too all out with makeup,” Roberts said. “We sell a lot of the novelty T-shirts with Batman and Day of the Dead and The Walking Dead.”
Party suits, like a suit with dollar bills, Batman, or pumpkins all over it, are Halloween themed and are pretty popular too, Roberts said.
Hats, clown wigs and accessories and masks also can help you join in the office fun without a lot of effort.
“We do have simple accessories,” Roberts said. “It’s not all blood and gore and that stuff. … We have the cat ears, the tails, the pig noses.”
Trick-or-treating with your kid
If you’re going trick-or-treating as a whole family, try a family or group costume. There are good ideas out there, like Star Wars themed family outfits (your toddler can be an adorable Yoda) or a team of superheroes (and villains).
“We’ve seen families come in and do that,” Roberts said. “It’s hard to do a family theme to get everyone on the same theme.”
Some examples Roberts has seen include two kids who want to be Ninja Turtles, so parents will don Ninja Turtles accessories. On the other hand, sometimes one kid wants to be a Ninja Turtle and the other wants to be Elsa. 
If the kids are on board, then a themed group costume can work well.
“We do sell group things, like we have a rock, paper, scissors one,” Roberts said. “We have a few funny things like that.” 
As seen in the October 23, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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