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Gone For Days

Upcoming shows include July 13 at The Rock Junction in East Greenwich, R.I., Aug. 18 at Hard Rock Café Boston with Mindset X, Aug. 31 with Stone Temple Pilots and Sept. 3 with Rise Above Festival at Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion.
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Well-connected, well on the way

By Michael Witthaus

“Everybody gets along,” Taylor says. “Sometimes the girlfriend thing will happen, which causes a rift. But most of us support each other.”

Given the right timing, they will end up playing together.

Connections came in handy when Taylor decided to leave his longtime band Vegas Temper to focus on writing and recording original songs. He was acquainted with guitarist Jesse Hatch and knew his work in the band Dig Dive. The two had shared a manager, who suggested they collaborate when he learned Taylor was carving a new path. After briefly working for a record label in Florida, Hatch was now also trying to make his mark as an independent musician.  
Though Hatch lived in Nashville, a long-distance songwriting effort ensued, with Hatch e-mailing bare tracks for Taylor to finish.
“When he sent me his stuff without the vocals on it, I really thought it was great,” Taylor says. “When I sent him the completed song, he really loved it — I said we should play it live.”
Soon Hatch moved north and a new band called Gone for Days was born. After some rhythm section shuffling, Nashville bassist Chris Dickman joined on bass in mid-2011. The final piece of the puzzle is drummer Justin Pacy, formerly in Vegas Temper with Taylor, and most recently a member of Manchester cover band Craving Lucy, who came on board in May.
The first Gone for Days song, “Guilty Pleasure,” is making lots of waves. Sirius/XM station Octane is giving it significant airplay. Because of satellite radio’s worldwide reach, Abilene, Texas-based Rock 108 took notice and entered the song in a nightly “Cage Match” contest. At press time, it was one win away from retirement into the station’s Hall of Fame.
Closer to home, the band is looking forward to playing the second stage when Stone Temple Pilots perform at Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion on Aug. 31. It’s a smart pairing, as the arena rockers’ sound is evident on GFD songs like “Shotgun” and “Silent.” That’s no accident, according to Taylor. “My favorite band in the world,” he says excitedly. “All through the past 10 years, people have said I look and act like Scott Weiland. That’s because he is a huge influence on me.”
Gone For Days is also among many local acts taking part in the Sept. 3 Rise Above Fest at Meadowbrook, headlined by Seether, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd and Black Stone Cherry. On another front, they are competing for a spot on the bill for the Staind/Godsmack headlined Uproar Festival on Aug. 23 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Mass.
Most recently, they opened for Fuel in Rhode Island, and later this summer they’ll share the stage at Boston’s Hard Rock Café with fellow Manchester rockers Mindset X.  But as much as Taylor enjoys live shows, the real thrill comes in the studio, making records.  
They’ve recorded six songs in all, but only “Guilty Pleasure” managed to make it into final form. 
“We’re still trying to scrape together money for the mastering of our songs,” Taylor says. “We put them online to gain some fan base, but we won’t release them until we master them.”
Taylor brought four of the originals from Vegas Temper. The other tune he wrote with Hatch, “Falling Awake,” sounds like a declaration of independence. “Standing over Vegas below me now, flight will come to me if I don’t look down,” sings Taylor. “I’ll overcome my hesitation and step off the edge.” 
Is it a reflection of Taylor’s desire to make it with his own music?
“It’s not that it’s unsatisfying playing covers — I did it for 12 years,” he says. 
But original music continues to drive him creatively. “I’ve written since high school, and it’s the best feeling when you hear something that you created on the radio or coming out of the speakers,” says Taylor. “I like to write lyrics and melodies and hooks, I like to work with other creative people and collaborate. It’s like sculpting, in a lot of ways.”

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