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Sonia Almodovar (left) and Kasia Lojko (right), the women behind All Real Meal, prepare nutritious meals on a weekly basis. Emelia Attridge photo.

All Real Meal

Visit to check out the weekly menu. Orders should be placed by Sunday at 9 p.m. for delivery that Tuesday.
Cost: A family-size meal serves four to six, and costs $36; individual dishes cost $9.99. The minimum order amount is $39, with a $5 delivery charge. 
Visit: or call 661-2833

Healthy dinners at your door
All Real Meal delivers good-for-you foods


 Honey and soy baked chicken with a side of sesame green beans. Gluten-free crab cakes with lemon chive aioli. Cranberry, goat cheese and kale all-natural turkey burger with baked sweet potato fries. 

Sound good? You can have those meals delivered right to your door.
Moms Kasia Lojko and Sonia Almodovar do all the cooking for All Real Meal, a service that delivers healthy meals once a week.
Lojko founded All Real Meal about a year ago. Each Monday, the All Real Meal pair shop for fresh ingredients and hit the kitchen to prepare that week’s orders. Customers place their orders by Sunday night, and meals are delivered on Tuesdays. 
“I think I was just looking for something like that. I have two kids and at the time they were little kids and I wanted to order healthier stuff. There was nothing,” Lojko said. “I started researching places like that in California and Colorado and Florida and turns out there’s nothing like that here.”
The menu changes week to week, but it’s always packed with gluten-free and healthy options. Last week’s menu featured items like avocado, strawberry and spinach salad over organic greens with all-natural chicken, gorgonzola and poppy seed vinaigrette and shepherd’s pie made with grass-fed beef, local mashed potatoes, sweet corn, peas and carrots, as well as the previously mentioned meals.
“Probably more of the challenge of coming up with new recipes is we challenge ourselves to get as much nutrition into each recipe,” Almodovar said. “We find a lot of our customers are really conscious of increasing the nutrients of what they’re eating.”
“It’s made from scratch,” Lojko said. “It’s a lot of vegetables, it’s grass-fed meat, well-cut fish, local, in season, organic — and we feel like there’s no reason to count calories, because it’s good for you.”
All Real Meal is also helping educate customers and the community about clean and healthy eating. Almodovar and Lojko recently visited Manchester’s Gossler Park Elementary School (where Almodovar’s son goes to school) to give a presentation on nutrition and the difference between chemically processed foods and natural foods.
“We have a few customers now that are losing weight, they feel good,” Lojko said. “A few customers have told us too, that they just change the way they eat now. Especially because every week you see so many different dishes and you get new ideas. I think they just get inspired too, to cook better and eat better.”
Lojko and Almodovar prepare the meals in a commercial kitchen on East Industrial Drive in Manchester, and meals can be delivered across the greater Manchester area, including Bedford, Merrimack, Amherst and Auburn.
Most of All Real Meal’s customer base are professionals and working moms, Almodovar said. 
“We have a group of customers that just order everything, every week,” she said. “We get a lot of people that are trying to eliminate gluten or chemicals from their diet.”
The two women were pleasantly surprised when customers started sending All Real Meal deliveries to friends as gifts.
“It never occurred to us to have our food sent as a gift, but our regular customers have started sending us over when someone has a baby or someone passed away,” Almodovar said. “That’s actually become a regular thing that we do. People send us instead of flowers.”
As seen in the April 24, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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