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The toys take on Sunnyside Daycare. Courtesy photo.

Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

When: Wednesday, Jan. 21, to Sunday, Jan. 25
Where: Verizon Wireless Arena, 555 Elm St., Manchester 
Visit: for tickets,

Ice animation
Favorite Disney characters skate to the Granite State

By Allie Ginwala

Take a trip under the sea and fly through the sky when Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy takes center ice at the Verizon Wireless Arena starting on Wednesday, Jan. 21. 

For the first time in Manchester, four favorite animated stories will come to life on the ice. The show begins with Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars cruising the ice before things get nautical with Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Next is a journey all about Tinker Bell and her fairy friends followed by Woody, Buzz and all of Andy’s toys from Toy Story 3. 
“I really do feel like there is something for everyone,” said Jessica Caprio, ensemble skater for Disney on Ice.
As an ensemble skater, Caprio, 26, from Burlington, Mass., gets to do a little bit of everything in the show. 
“Every time you see a big production number, I’m there,” she said in a phone interview. “I’m a firefly [in] Tinker Bell, I’m one of the fish in ‘Under the Sea’ with the colorful costumes.”
Her favorite segment is The Little Mermaid, one of her favorite movies as a kid. 
“‘Under the Sea,’ I could hear it a thousand times,” she said. 
The big number comes together when Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder are joined by a host of sea creatures like sea dragons, anemones and salsa fish. 
“There are bubbles coming from the ceiling. It’s very pretty when it all comes together,” she said.
One thing that helps the show come together in a spectacular manner is the detailed costumes. 
“If you really look at them closely, every detail is specifically located to look as close to the movie as possible, down to the writing on Buzz Lightyear’s suit and the bumper stickers on Lightning McQueen,” Caprio said. 
Some of the costumes are hand painted and others, like the salsa fish, have hundreds of tiny crystals attached to add extra sparkle with each movement. 
“Some of the costumes light up, like the firefly costumes,” she said. “The cars have animatronics that help them blink and talk.” 
While they aren’t costumes so much as they are props, the characters from Cars are decked out to move forward and backward and interact with each other. Caprio said they look as if they were “plopped right out of the movie.”
Caprio, who’s been skating since she was 6, enjoys being in the ensemble because she gets a lot of variety. 
“You’re in really fun numbers and skating to those popular songs,” she said. “It’s a very fun type of track to have.” 
One of her favorite aspects is the interaction with the audience. Caprio explained that the ensemble group numbers help pump up the crowd to get them involved in the story. 
“It’s like, come on audience, get involved and clap and sing!” she said. 
Now in her fourth year, Caprio has been a part of two European tours and is in the midst of her second U.S. tour. The group typically stays a week in each city, putting on shows from a Wednesday to a Sunday. Caprio said the crew arrives a day before the first performance to set up and the skaters hit the ice the day of the show to get their feet back under them. 
“We go in the afternoon and skate as a unit in normal clothes to get a feel for the ice,” she said. “And then they’ll have open ice sessions where you can do anything you want to do to get ready for the show.” 
One perk about staying the week in each location is getting the a chance to explore to area. Caprio said for the show in Manchester, most of the skaters are excited to try some New Hampshire skiing and tax-free shopping. As for New England native Caprio, she’s eager to take a trip over the state line to visit her family. 
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