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Recycled Percussion

Recycled Percussion

When: Sunday, June 1, at 5 p.m.
Where: Veterans Park, Elm St., Manchester
Tickets: $19.50

Junk al fresco
Recycled Percussion coming to Veterans Park

By Michael Witthaus

 Since the days of hauling plastic buckets, drumsticks, guitars and sound gear in the back of a Ford Escort, travel and the weather have always factored into Recycled Percussion’s performances. Since the band finished third in the 2009 season of America’s Got Talent, most of its performances happen in Las Vegas hotels. But they tour every winter and always play a hometown New Year’s Eve show at the Palace Theatre. 

It almost didn’t happen this time around, when a blizzard canceled their Ohio-Manchester flight. But the Goffstown junk rockers have endured worse hardships than snowstorms. Two band members once suffered broken ankles mere seconds apart and kept on playing. Mother Nature was no match; the band rented a van and arrived home with time to spare.
In a recent phone interview, Justin Spencer recalled thinking, “Oh, a blizzard? Yeah, we’ll drive through that. You almost look forward to that challenge; otherwise it becomes the same old thing. There was never a question in my mind whether we were going to drive. It was how we were going to convince the other guys to do it.”
Most likely the weather will be kinder when Recycled Percussion plays a late afternoon show in Veterans Park on June 1. It’s the band’s first local outdoor show in three years, though until 2008, such events were commonplace. 
“We used to play the Rock 101 Sky Show back in the day, but not since then, since the band’s really taken off,” said Spencer. “In the last six years, we’ve only come back to perform indoors, but we thought it’d be good to have an outdoor venue.”
The band will perform a reworked version of the rocked-up, kinetic Las Vegas show, now in residency at the Quad Hotel.   
“When we get to come back and do something unique on a different stage, we have to put on our creativity and think of things we can do,” said Spencer.  “Most of all, we want to create a family environment. Bringing a Vegas show back to Manchester, you want all ages to come and enjoy the show.”  
Recycled Percussion has a special affinity for its hometown. 
“There are people who remember us from way back,” said Spencer. “I think of New Hampshire and feel a sense of responsibility for helping us get to where we are.” 
Spencer was inspired to form Legacy X, an organization devoted to using his personal story as an example for others. 
“I came from a working class family; times weren’t always easy,” he explained. “We’ve had great success, and I wanted to develop a movement in which we could inspire others to follow that exact same path … to find a purpose in life. When you come up the ladder the way we did, you appreciate it a lot more. Nothing was ever really handed to us. We were genuinely busting our butts to get what we got. I think our fans know [and] respect the path we’ve come down.”
Asked to name the next level for his band, Spencer replies, “I think we’re at it. We’re doing a Vegas show. You can hope for reality shows or commercial deals, but beyond that? We started in a small town, a band that plays on buckets, and now we’re headlining in Las Vegas. That right there is all we’re looking for. We’re here; we’ve reached the summit. Now, how long we stay on that summit for depends on what we do from here on out.” 
As seen in the May 22, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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