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Jun 6, 2020








Today is the Day book signing

Where: Barnes & Noble, 1741 S. Willow St., Manchester
When: Saturday, Dec. 9, 1 to 3 p.m. 
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Marines tale
Deb Curtin talks military mystery thriller

By Angie Sykeny

 Deb Curtin of Londonderry has been writing and creating art nearly all her life. She’s painted positive murals to offset the negative graffiti in a troubled neighborhood, created baseball artwork for Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and painted large eagle sculptures auctioned off to benefit the nonprofit Veterans Count. She wrote human interest stories for the Londonderry Times for several years, contributes to the online publication the Londonderry News and is a member of the NH Writers Project. Curtin has even published a wordless children’s book called Peril on the High Seas - A Two Tail Adventure, a story about two cats who go on adventures using unusual forms of transportation. It wasn’t until a few years ago, however, when she discovered the November National Novel Writing Month challenge, that she finally decided to pen a novel. 

“It challenges you to put yourself out there every day and put words down so that by the end of the month you have something,” Curtin said. “I think I needed that. I needed to challenge myself to get something new accomplished, and that’s really what forced me to write the story.” 
The result was Today is the Day, a military mystery thriller that Curtin self-published in 2014. She’ll be signing copies of the book at Barnes & Noble in Manchester on Saturday, Dec. 9. 
She said her biggest goal right now is to bring Today is the Day to the big screen. She submitted the book for the 2017 Book Pipeline Competition, a worldwide competition which invites writers to submit their work for a chance to have it made into a film or television adaptation. The grand prize winner receives $10,000 and circulation to leading production companies. The winner will be announced in February. 
“Even though [the book] was printed several years ago, I just can’t put it aside,” she said. “You can’t give up on a story or on yourself. It’s a continuous process. You have to keep putting it out there and keep pushing the envelope.” 
Today is the Day tells the story of a young man named Pete who forms a friendship with his elderly neighbor, a shortwave radio enthusiast. One day, the two overhear conversations about impending terrorist plots in the U.S. over the radio. Soon after, Pete becomes the target of an unknown enemy. He forgoes his college plans to join the Marine Corps and help protect and defend the U.S. 
Curtin’s inspiration for the story, she said, came from a family friend who was killed in an accident while serving in the Air Force. 
“I went to the funeral and they had a flyover for him and it was so surreal,” she said. “In that moment I knew I wanted to pay it forward to him and to the military and honor his service with my writing.” 
For the book, Curtin borrowed elements from her prior experience working a government job and having a daughter in the Air Force. 
“Any time you write, you have to find authenticity with what you’re writing about. You have to write what you know,” she said. “I think everything you do, every place you go and every person you meet, you put all of that into a well, and when the time comes [to write a story], you draw from that.” 
Curtin recently completed another book called Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory, which is a Civil War historical novel. She’s currently working on getting that published. 

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