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Mar 26, 2019








Inside Mogi’z Salon & Art Gallery. Courtesy photo.

First Spring Hair/Fashion & Art Show
When: Friday, June 3, from 6 to 11 p.m.
Where: Sky Meadow Country Club, 6 Mountain Laurels Drive, Nashua, 888-9000
Tickets: Cost $75, 10 percent goes to Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter
Info: Visit or call 204-5690

Mogi’z has designs on Nashua
Spring art show includes fashion and hair styles


Artist Julio Aguilera and stylist Mogi Zagdsuren met at the Rockefeller Center in New York City, where they both worked. They conspired to combine their artistic talents, and realized their dream when they moved to New Hampshire and opened Mogi’z Hair Salon & Art Gallery in Nashua. But that was just the beginning. These two people from the city that never sleeps plan on waking up Nashua.

They will begin on Friday, June 3, when they host their first-ever Spring Hair, Fashion and Art Show, at the Sky Meadow Country Club. The night will feature hair styles designed by Zagdsuren, which she described as “big” and “fantastic”, and will showcase styles from the 1940s and ’50s. Aguilera’s art work, which is much coveted in New York, Chicago and Miami, will be on sale, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Club. There will be runway models wearing traditional Mongolian (Zagdsuren’s native land) clothes designed by her sister, a New York City designer. There will also be dinner, dancing, raffles and wine.

“We wanted to put together a show that was culturally different,” Zagdsuren said.

Aguilera agreed and added that he wanted people to have a night where they could have fun and party.

“It’s not a black-tie affair,” Aguilera said. “But you can’t dress trashy. I want people to dress up, have fun and have a night out.”

It is just the first of many visions the two have for Nashua. Aguilera is working on getting the salon and gallery off the ground but once he’s comfortable with its success he wants to get out and work in the city.

“I want to get artistic people together and work on more public art,” Aguilera said. “I want to promote big pieces that beautify and enrich the culture.”

“There is a lot of great land in Nashua,” he said with a smile. “I can envision some great projects.”

Five minutes around Aguilera and his boundless energy becomes infectious. Critics have noted that his martial arts background (he competed and won several international martial arts competitions) brings power and movement to his work, which becomes obvious looking at his pieces in the salon.

“I want to bring movement to my sculptures,” Aguilera said.

His life has been on the move since he was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He lived in New York City and then California before finding his way to the Gate City. Along the way he has learned many lessons he’d like to build on in Nashua.
He also realizes that many artists in New York might be tempted to move to New

Hampshire. He said many collectors love buying his work in New Hampshire because they don’t have to pay an additional sales tax.

With so much energy and excitement, it should come as no surprise that Aguilera’s work is bright and colorful.

“I am not trying to be depressed,” Aguilera said.

He has been inspired by the works of Picasso, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali and Matisse. He is also inspired by Zagdsuren’s artistic approach to hair.

“I never rush with a client,”  Zagdsuren said. “I like to schedule a lot of time between appointments so I have time to create.”

She looks at her work with color and cutting as if hair is her canvas. “It was our dream to put my salon with Julio’s work,” Zagdsuren said. “We’re living that dream now.”

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