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On deck
Enjoy fresh air with your food and music


There is nothing quite like a night out with friends and family during the summer. Good food, cold drinks, all when it’s still 70 degrees at 7 p.m. While not all restaurants have their decks and patios yet, many will open outside seating when the weather is nice. Here are a few of the local options for evenings out on the town and outdoors.

• 900 Degrees (50 Dow St., Manchester, 641-0900,
What’s outside: A deck right at the entrance to the restaurant can seat 40 people.
When: A few tables are currently being opened up when the weather is nice. The full opening will happen in mid April.
Entertainment: Acoustic Night, on Tuesday nights, will be held outside during the summer.

• Alan’s of Boscawen (133 North Main St., Boscawen, 753-6631,
What’s outside: The patio/deck at Alan’s can fit up to 40 people.
When: Expect the outdoor seats to open up soon, sometime in April perhaps.
Entertainment: Music being played inside the restaurant gets piped outside for those on the patio. Alan’s is thinking of putting a solo musician out there a few nights a week in the summer.

• The Barley House (132 North Main St., Concord, 228-6363,
What’s outside: Several tables are set up right on the sidewalk on Main Street across from the Statehouse where you can eat dinner and watch the world go by.
When: Outdoor seating opens in May and runs through October.
Entertainment: The Barley House features live music inside the restaurant throughout the month.

• Black Cat Café (Veterans Square, Laconia, 528-3233,
What’s outside: There is a small patio in the front of the café with just over 20 seats.
When: The patio is currently open and has been opened up on good weather days for the past few weeks.
Entertainment: The Café does feature live music, but not outside. Still, the bands are close enough to the patio to make it feel like they’re outside

• The Blackwater Grill (43 Pelham Road, Salem, 328-9013,
What’s outside: The Blackwater Grill has an outdoor patio with tables and umbrellas and bench seating all the way around. All told, it can sit roughly 20 people.
When: As the good weather arrives in Salem, the patio at The Blackwater Grill will be open.
Entertainment: Even though there is no live music played outside, the live bands jamming inside are near enough to the patio so you feel like you’re getting the live experience.

• Brookstone Grille (14 Route 111, Derry, 328-9250,
What’s outside: The Grille has outdoor seating on a patio that features an awning when inclement weather rolls in. There are 12 tables outside that overlook a pond with a fountain.
When: The patio officially opens around May 1, weather permitting.
Entertainment: Live music plays inside only every Thursday night.

• Cactus Jack’s/T Bones (1182 Union Ave, Laconia, 528-7800,
What’s outside: It’s T-Bones that has the outdoor dining. Cactus Jack’s downstairs does not. They have a deck that can seat up to 50 people.
When: As soon as the rain stops, it’ll be open; all the furniture is out there ready to go.
Entertainment: During the summer there is live music on the deck.

• Coach Stop Restaurant (176 Mammoth Road, Londonderry, 437-2022,
What’s outside: The Coach Stop, formerly The Homestead Restaurant, has an outdoor deck with 11 dining tables, seating enough for roughly 24 people.
When: Seating will be open in May, depending on the weather.
Entertainment: Coach Stop does feature live music, but none on the deck.

• Cotton (75 Arms St., Manchester, 622-5488,
What’s outside: Cotton’s outdoor seating area is right at the entrance to the restaurant. Surrounded by bushes and an overhead arbor of grapevines, their deck and 10 tables are a nice place to be for dinner.
When: The deck is opened up when the skies aren’t.

• Daniel’s (30 Main St., Henniker, 428-7621,
What’s outside: Outdoor seating consists of a deck that can seat around 60 people and overlooks the scenic Contoocook River.
When: Outside seating opens around the end of May.
Entertainment: The live music at Daniel’s is played inside only.

• The Derryfield (635 Mammoth Road, Manchester, 623-2880,
What’s outside: The Derryfield features one of the biggest decks in the area, capable of holding 200 to 250 people. Half the deck is covered and heated for when the temps drop.
When: They opened up for St. Patty’s day and will be open consistently during the summertime.
Entertainment: There will be live groups playing seven days a week on the deck starting in May.

• Estabrook Grill (57 Palm St., Nashua, 943-5035,
When you come to the Estabrook Grill, grab a seat on the patio located right in front. It can seat about 40 people and has standard four-person tables.
When: The patio is open depending on the weather.
Entertainment: There will be live music played during the summertime.

• Fratello’s Italian Grille (155 Dow St., Manchester, 624-2022,
What’s outside: Fratello’s features two seating areas, a deck up top and a patio near the entrance. Combined, the deck and patio can hold about 100 people.
When: Outdoor seating has opened up once already and will be open regularly when good weather rolls in.
Entertainment: During the summer, there will be live music outside on the deck most nights, weather permitting.

• Green Martini (6 Pleasant St., Concord, 223-6672,
What’s outside: The Green Martini features roughly a dozen seats outside so you can enjoy the Capital City on a midsummer’s night.
When: Seating should open on the first or second week of May.
Entertainment: Music is held outside during special events only.

• Griffing’s Side Trax (99 Route 13, Brookline, 673-3244,
What’s outside: Griffing’s features several outside seating areas including an ice cream take-out window with picnic tables and another space just off the pub area with picnic and patio tables.
When: The outdoor seating will open up in late May or early June.
Entertainment: Griffing’s features live music indoors every Friday.

• The Halligan Tavern (32 West Broadway, Derry, 965-3490,
What’s outside: The Tavern will have outdoor seating ready to go for the season soon. There will be a new seating area on the sidewalk, a patio, and a 1,700-square-foot deck.
When: Expect things to open between May 1 and May 15.
Entertainment: The Halligan Tavern only features live music inside.

• J’s Tavern (63 Union Square, Milford, 249-9222,
What’s outside: Currently, there is no outside seating at J’s Tavern, but construction begins in early April on a deck that will overlook the Souhegan River. When completed, it will be able to sit 20 people.
Entertainment: J’s will feature live music every Tuesday and Thursday outside.

• Jillian’s (50 Philippe Cote Drive in Manchester, 626-7636)
What’s outside: Though not officially open, Jillian’s deck is available for hanging out on in good weather.
Entertainment: Jillian’s offers live music at least one night each weekend.

• Johnny’s Pizzeria (11 Tracy Lane, Hudson, 882-9224,
What’s outside: Johnny’s features eight tables outside the restaurant with umbrellas. They also have outdoor games and activities like horseshoes.
When: All outside tables are currently open.
Entertainment: Johnny’s only has live music inside.

• Linda’s Sports Bar (2 Burnham Road, Hudson, 886-0792,
What’s outside: Linda’s has a fenced-in area with picnic tables and an overhead canopy to protect you from the sun and the rain.
When: Outdoor seating is already open.
Entertainment: Though bands don’t play outside, Linda’s does have speakers wired outside so you can hear music from the jukebox, and when the good weather is on, they keep the doors open so you can hear the live bands playing.

• Makris Lobster & Steak House (Route 106, Concord, 225-7665,
What’s outside: Makris features several seating areas including a deck that seats about 80 people. There is also an outdoor patio area used for corporate events and private parties.
When: Seating opens around Memorial Day and closes after the last NASCAR race.
Entertainment: Bands will play outside on event weekends and for special events.

• Martha’s Exchange (185 Main St., Nashua, 883-8781,
What’s outside: Martha’s has outdoor seating for its guests with roughly 10 tables. The sidewalk patio flanks the entrance to the restaurant.
When: Depending on the weather, the patio will be open. Its official opening will be on April 15.
Entertainment: Music from DJs and live groups will be played inside only.

• Murphy’s Taproom (494 Elm St., Manchester, 644-3535,
What’s outside: The sidewalk patio at Murphy’s will soon be complemented by a deck that is being added to over the next several months. Currently, 24 people can enjoy the seating at Murphy’s.
When: Open already.
Entertainment: The soon-to-be-built deck will be the location of live music on warm summer nights.

• Naswa Resort (1086 Weirs Boulevard, Laconia, 366-4341,
What’s outside: The Naswa is a unique venue in that it has seating right out on the sand with a deck that is tented to keep the weather out and features seat lamps, TVs and a full bar.
When: The outdoor seating is slated to open on Memorial Day. It’s open on weekends until bike week, then full-time until the week after Labor Day.
Entertainment: Bands play on the Naswa’s bandstand on weekends. Come to the lake and rock out.

• The Pasta Loft in Hampstead (220 East Main St., Hampstead, 378-0092,
What’s outside: A deck that is built right off the Pasta Loft’s lounge can accommodate roughly 50 to 60 people.
When: When the good weather arrives, the deck opens up. Currently open on nice days.
Entertainment: To complement the pasta, there is live music on the deck on Sunday afternoons.

• The Pasta Loft in Milford (241 Union Square, Milford, 672-2270,
What’s outside: The Milford Pasta Loft was recently voted “Best Deck” in The Hippo’s “Best of 2010” issue. There is seating for roughly 50 people with a full-service bar, picnic tables and umbrellas.
When: When the nice weather is here, the deck is open.
Entertainment: Live music will be played on the deck Thursday through Sunday.

• The Patio (at the Hilton Garden Inn, 101 S. Commercial St., 669-2222)
What’s outside: A very large deck overlooking stadium. Watch a game from way out in the outfield.
When: Depending on the weather, the Patio could open in early May.

• Penuche’s (96 Hanover St., Manchester, 626-9830)
What’s outside: Some 50 people will be able to sit on Penuche’s sidewalk patio right on beautiful Hanover Street.
When: Penuche’s patio is going up on May 1 and is open during the day from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Entertainment: Speakers are set up outside to play the live music being played inside.

• Pit Road Lounge (388 Loudon Road, Concord, 226-0533,
What’s outside: Pit Road Lounge doesn’t currently have outside seating, but a deck will be built this summer.
Entertainment: The Lounge features music inside every Friday and Saturday.

• Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse (48 Gusabel Ave, Nashua, 882-4070,
What’s outside: Shorty’s features a small patio with eight tables that can seat roughly 30 people for its outdoor dining experience.
When: When the sun shines and the air is warm, the patio is opened.
Entertainment: Live music is only played at this Shorty’s for special occasions and it’s only inside.

• Slammers (547 Donald St., Bedford, 668-2120,
What’s outside: The empty lot behind the building is going to be turned into an outdoor patio where people can enjoy food and the warm summer air.
When: Slammer’s is hoping to have outdoor seating ready to go by this spring.
Entertainment: Slammer’s only features music inside.

• Villa Blanca (194 Main St., Nashua, 598-0500,
What’s outside: Six tables with 24 seats are what’s outside. The small sidewalk patio is fenced in and has umbrellas over the tables to keep the rays and the rain off your head.
When: The patio will open on April 15, weather permitting.

• Village Trestle (25 Main St., Goffstown, 497-8230,
What’s outside: The Village Trestle features a sidewalk patio that can fit roughly 30 people and is located right on Main Street.
When: The patio seating is actually open all year round.
Entertainment: The Trestle only features live music inside, but when you’re sitting outside, you can look back and see the band right in the window, so it feels like they’re outside.

• Z Food and Drink (860 Elm St., Manchester, 629-9383,
What’s outside: Z provides patrons the chance to sit at its three tables right on Elm Street. The sidewalk patio will be getting two more tables in the near future as the restaurant grows.
When: Outdoor seating is open.
Entertainment: While bands won’t play outside, the live music being played inside is piped outdoors.

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