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Apr 24, 2019








Pick your pasta
Table 8 Pasta to open in Bedford


 By Matt Ingersoll
A new fast-casual eatery coming to Bedford later this month will feature pasta as its centerpiece, inviting diners to make their own customizable meals using made-from-scratch ingredients.
The concept at Table 8 Pasta — on track to open in the coming weeks in the adjoining space of the building that houses The Wine’ing Butcher — is simple. Choose your pasta, followed by your sauce and any add-ons that may include meats, vegetables and spices. Then there’s an option to have a salad or bread on the side. Every pasta, sauce, salad and dressing will be made in house, according to owner Mitch DeBonville, free of any preservatives or artificial flavoring.
“What we’re trying to accomplish is to show people how pasta and sauces are really meant to be,” he said. “It doesn’t have to come out of a box that has been sitting on a shelf for weeks, and the sauce doesn’t have to come out of a jar. We’ve actually invested in an Italian pasta maker that will be visible to everyone who comes in. We won’t have any fryers, any microwaves or any freezers.”
DeBonville took over the 2,600-square-foot space of the former Royal Bouquet flower shop about three months ago and has been renovating it ever since, bringing in brand new kitchen equipment, tables, chairs and counter tops. Table 8 Pasta will have about a 40-seat dining capacity with take-out also available.
Some of the pastas you will be able to choose will be a traditional spaghetti, campanelli, rigatoni, linguini or fusilli. Gluten-free and vegetarian pastas will be on the menu, too.
For sauces, DeBonville is separating them into two categories: “traditional” and “specialty.”
“Traditional sauces would be things like the marinara, the meatball sauce, you know, stuff that we all know,” he said. “Specialty sauces would be more like a puttanesca, or a basil-type pesto sauce. … We’ll also have our own Table 8 sauce, which will have mushrooms, garlic, cream and pancetta.”
From there, people have the option to choose from more than a dozen add-ons to customize their pasta dish to how they like it.
“We’ll have three different types of add-ons,” DeBonville said. “One is a protein, so grilled chicken, meatballs, pancetta, or anything that’s meat-based. Then we’ll have vegetables, so peppers, onions, broccoli, asparagus, things like that. And the third thing is like an ‘other,’ so maybe roasted garlic, or capers that get added to a sauce. … The base sauces are ready to go and then we kind of add the ingredients you prefer, add the fresh pasta and [throw] all that together, and it’s made individually for you.”
DeBonville said he expects a big part of his customer base will be those who place take-out orders. Additionally, call-in orders for larger pasta platters will likely be introduced within a week or two of the eatery’s opening date, he said.
“We’re going to give people the ability to call in and order, say, a platter of spaghetti and meatballs for four,” he said, “or, you can order four individual meals if members of your family want different things.”
DeBonville, who moved to Bedford with his family from Montreal about eight years ago, said the name ‘Table 8’ Pasta is an homage to his late father.
“The eighth letter of the alphabet is H. My father’s name was Hubert, and he passed away when I was 16,” he said. “He was a lover of pasta. I can remember we had pasta three days a week, at least.”
He said he is already looking into opening at least two other Table 8 locations in the Granite State in the next several months, noting that the fast-casual model is based on rapid growth, as opposed to an upscale fine dining Italian restaurant.
“We don’t want to be perceived as just an Italian restaurant. Yes, we cook Italian food, but we’re a different type of place,” he said. “We don’t have, like, all these veal dishes or appetizers or anything. … The intent is to provide food made in a simple manner using the freshest possible ingredients, and served in a very casual, comfortable environment.” 

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