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Chris Briand

Chris’s favorites

Favorite rally snack: Water. For the last two weeks, keeping hydrated has been a challenge.
Favorite rally song: The new Market Basket song that Rock 101 put together. It’s been an inspiration to all of us.
Favorite rally sign: The picture of Arthur T. It shows everybody what our goal is. 
Favorite rally chant: Arthur T’s name. 
Favorite response from the public: Honking their horns and waving
Alex’s favorites
Favorite rally snack: We’ve been getting a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts. 
Favorite rally song: It’s been oldies for most of it. That’s what we’ve been dancing to and having fun with. 
Favorite rally sign: Bring ATD back and say no to the job fair they are supposedly going to have. 


Rallyers respond
Market Basket picketers are keeping it up


Chris Briand of Weare

Why is the issue so meaningful to you?
The family aspect of the business. It’s not about the money that the person next to you is making. It’s about that everybody stick together, and as a community, it’s affecting customers. It affects the venders.  
The culture in the company is something that I’ve never seen before. Whether it be after you meet the guy once, Arthur T. will  shake your hand. He knows who you are. He’ll remember who you are. If there’s an issue with your family, he’ll ask you about your family, how they are, and make sure he checks on you again. There’s been stories about people with health issues who he’s helped.
How long have you worked at Market Basket?
I’ve been here for three years now. Before that I was at Shaw’s for seven years. I came here and my biggest thing is I don’t want to work for Shaw’s again. 
Has the Demoulas feud been ongoing?
They’ve been fighting over the same stuff for 20 years now and finally it’s just reached its tipping point. 
Do you respond to the customers who are going in?
Absolutely not. Everybody needs food. Everybody has their own opinion. I understand people are on a fixed income and we are the cheapest place around. There’s no negativity towards them whatsoever. 
How has the public responded?
There were a couple days last week where there were more customers out here than there were associates. We have people dropping off food, ice cream, water, almost every single day. Even the small businesses around here have been donating food, pizza or chicken. It’s been unbelievable. Every single day we have people driving by, honking their horns. They’ll stop by and tell us how much they support us. The customers have driven us to stay out here. They are the motivation behind everything. It’s effecting them. I sent my wife to Hannaford to go shopping. She was lost, and we spent probably 60 bucks more. 
Alex Wynne of Goffstown
Do you still go to your shifts?
I finish my shifts then come out here and volunteer. … It’s been different. The work has been more about cleaning and reorganizing. We have not been getting a lot of customers. 
Are you concerned about losing your job?
I don’t think so because everybody is supporting us. The whole store is supporting us. Our supervisors, the public. So I’m not too worried about it. … They are supposedly going to have a job fair. They mentioned they are going to fire the warehouse workers, and they haven’t done that. If they fire us Monday [Aug. 4, which the corporation had given as a “start working or you lose your job deadline] and hire people, who are they going to have to train them?
Where have you been shopping?
— Rebecca Fishow 
As seen in the August 7, 2014 issue of the Hippo.

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