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B’s Tacos fish taco. Courtesy photo.

Find a fish taco

Hermanos Cocina Mexicana, 11 Hills Ave., Concord, 224-5569,
El Rincón Zacatecano Taquería, 10 Lake Ave., Manchester, 232-4530,
La Fiesta Mexico Restaurante & Cantina, 300 S. Willow St., Manchester, 518-5830,
Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse, 206 Route 101, Bedford, 488-5706; Nashua Mall, 48 Gusabel Ave., Nashua, 882-4070; 1050 Bicentennial Drive, Manchester, 625-1730,
B’s Taco food truck, BP Gas Station, 3 Mohawk Drive, Londonderry, find them on Facebook
Agave Azúl, 96 Main St., Nashua, 943-7240,
Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill, 865 Second St., Manchester, 935-9182,
Cactus Jack’s Great West Grill, 782 S. Willow St., Manchester, 627-8600,
Surf Restaurant, 207 Main St., Nashua, 595-9293; 99 Bow St., Portsmouth, 334-9855, 
Mint Bistro, 1105 Elm St., Manchester, 625-6468,
British Beer Co, 1071 S. Willow St., Manchester, 232-0589; 103 Hanover St., Portsmouth, 501-0515,
Hooked Seafood Restaurant, 110 Hanover St., Manchester, 606-1189, 
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, 22 Loudon Road, Concord, 224-9600,

Something fishy
Seafood tacos with tilapia, shrimp, mahi mahi and more

By Angie Sykeny

 Take your taco experience offshore with these seafood tacos offered at local Mexican eateries, bars and grills, seafood restaurants and even food trucks. From conventional fish and shrimp tacos to more inventive tacos with mahi-mahi and Baja-inspired flavors, there are plenty of options to satisfy both the taco traditionalist and the fish fare foodie.

Keep it classic
Traditional fish tacos use a white fish, usually haddock or tilapia, which can be paired with a variety of flavors without conflict. 
Hermanos Cocina Mexicana in Concord has a fish taco with baked tilapia crusted with crispy tortilla, topped with a spicy chipotle sour cream, shredded cabbage and tomatoes, and wrapped in a flour tortilla. 
“Tilapia, since it’s a white fish, it’s pretty bland, but once you get it spiced up, it’s pretty good and it takes on flavors really well,” manager Berta DeJohn said. 
For more chipotle flavor, try the fish tacos at El Rincón Zacatecano Taquería in Manchester, which have battered tilapia, rice, diced tomato, lettuce, cilantro and mayonnaise-chipotle salsa stuffed in a corn tortilla. 
For a tilapia taco that’s a little less spicy, there’s the tacos de pescado at La Fiesta Mexico Restaurante & Cantina in Manchester, featuring grilled tilapia paired with tartar sauce, lettuce, pico de gallo and Spanish rice in a soft corn tortilla. 
If you prefer haddock to tilapia, there’s plenty of that, too. El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Concord offers a corn tortilla taco filled with grilled haddock, tomatillo sauce, pico de gallo, rice and beans. For deep-fried haddock, get the fish tacos at Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse, paired with Napa cabbage, pickled onions and salsa fresca in a soft tortilla.  
If you’re passing by B’s Taco food truck in Londonderry, be sure to ask what the taco of the day is. Fish tacos are usually featured once a week, and owner Ken Spillman said they’re always a hit. 
“We make them with haddock, sole, shrimp, whatever we can get that week, and we make a fresh pico de gallo for the base, add lime juice and our special mix of herbs, and the combination is so tasty,” he said. “The people who like fish tacos absolutely love them.”
Shrimp it up 
Shrimp tacos aren’t quite as common as the white fish tacos, but a lot of Mexican eateries offer some form of them. For grilled shrimp, order the tacos de camaron at Agave Azúl in Nashua. It comes with rice, refried beans, cilantro, onions, lemons, red and green sauces and lime in your choice of a corn or flour tortilla. The tacos de camaron at Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill in Manchester also feature grilled shrimp, paired with pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce and rice in a soft corn tortilla. El Rincón Zacatecano Taquería has two shrimp dishes. The regular shrimp tacos are served in a double corn tortilla with cilantro, onion, radishes and lemon. The shrimp El Rincon, one of the restaurant’s newer dishes, is a fried shrimp taco topped with avocado salsa, pico de gallo and shredded cabbage wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. For a shrimp taco that’s a bit more creative, get the shrimp option for the taco pastor at Hermanos. The shrimp is sauteed with Spanish onions, scallions, black olives, tomatoes and jalapenos, topped with cheese and cilantro in a soft corn tortilla.  
“Most tacos have the lettuce and tomatoes but what makes [taco pastor] special is that all the veggies are warm and sauteed,” DeJohn said. “It’s pretty popular and a good choice for anyone who loves shrimp.” 
Creative tastes
Not all of the Mexican restaurants stick with the traditional white fish or shrimp taco. Take the Baja grilled fish tacos at Cactus Jack’s Great West Grill in Manchester, made with seared mahi-mahi, catfish or salmon, Napa cabbage, avocado and red peppers in a grilled flour tortilla, served with salsa, rice, refried beans, and drizzled with sour cream. Another Baja-inspired option is El Rodeo’s Baja tacos, made with your choice of battered haddock or fried shrimp, and flavored with special Azteca slaw and Baja salsa verde. 
“It’s different from the traditional taco. It’s more of a summertime flavor,” owner Gilbert Reyes said. “It’s a little sour, but at the same time tastes sweet-ish and fresh.” 
While Mexican cuisine offers the most fish taco options, some local seafood restaurants and even bars and grills have adopted the dish with their own creative twists. 
Surf Restaurant’s tacos have a unique combination of flavors, mixing your choice of blackened cod or fried haddock with mango salsa, guacamole, Napa cabbage, grilled onions and peppers, cheddar cheese and chipotle-lime sour cream in a flour tortilla. Less is more with the flavor-packed mini fish tacos at Mint Bistro in Manchester, made with Key lime blackened haddock, cilantro sour cream, romaine, avocado, smoky plum tomato and sriracha in a soft tortilla. There are a couple options for mahi-mahi lovers. Try British Beer Company’s tacos with blackened mahi-mahi, fire-roasted jalapeno guacamole, lettuce, red onion, roma tomato and a sour cream drizzle in a soft tortilla. The Costa Rican fish tacos at Hooked Seafood Restaurant in Manchester also feature mahi mahi, fried, grilled or blackened, and paired with greens, pico de gallo and cayenne lime tartar sauce in a soft tortilla. 
“It’s one of our more popular appetizers. A lot of people even get them as an entree,” Hooked bartender Courtney Chagnon said. “They’re a little bit spicy, but not too much. It’s the tartar sauce that really gives it that spicy Spanish flavor.” 

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